Where Do We Get Power?

We get it from the Sun. Wonder what will happen without it.

The sun showing solar flaires on the surface. Source: NASA photo gallery

The sun is the most visible source of awesome power. It is also responsible for keeping us alive. All the movement of energy is very much affected by solar radiation. Even the movement of other heavenly bodies such as the comets that visit our solar system intereacts  with the positive charge and magnetic fields of the enormous sun. Weather, seasons  and water power can be attributed to solar radiation.  So, our very existence is very dependent on the sun. As of now we catch solar energy directly with solar panels and indirectly through the movement of water by dam andhydro electric station  and air  by windmills.

The photo above show how solar energy is distributed on Earth as radiant energy shines on our planet. Most of the energy is absorbed by the land and water. A lesser portion is absorbed by the atmosphere. A little amount is reflected back to space.

As the sun shines on the atmosphere, the outer layer close to space are more lose and become ionized and charged.