What’s up?

What’s up?
04-Jul-21 5:19 PM

Heavy Rain on our front yard

Hi there!
I am so happy and excited.
Today,here in Antipolo, after some months of hot humid days, we got our first taste of real rain and yester evening. The rain really didn’t stop til 4am in the morning.

Results, a bit cool finally!

I did check my projects. Rain water drips inside some part of the kitchen which was supposed to be dry.

Since I am the engineer on site, I checked floor and ceiling on top of the cupboards and yes there were drips there too.

In our other project where the roof has not been installed yet, it was totally wet.

For me, it’s time to set some projects to protect the houses.

At home, cloudy days reduced capacity of solar panels below their maximum output. So, there’s not enough sunlight to reduce electric bill.

Fortunately, aircon isn’t needed at this time.

Now that I’m at home, and can’t go in the rain, I am spending time more on our PC, working on our website.

Hope to give you guys more articles about helpful power saving tips.

Til then,

tony from

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