Engineering Course

Do you want to be an engineer?

When I was an elementary student, I though about what course I would pursue in college. My aunt recommended engineering. So I opened the Encyclopedia Britannica to see what engineering means.
On their introductory page, I saw a water fall. So I thought to myself, just what would a waterfall have anything to do with engineering? Then, the discussion rumbled on to machines and so on. But the picture of the waterfall stuck to my mind to this day. Somehow that picture was absorbed into my subconscious mind and it kept on asking what is engineering and why waterfall.

Now that I have finished Electrical Engineering, I know: engineering is designing systems to harness and use natural forces to produce useful work. (Later, I will show you what we do as electrical engineers. But for now I will just introduce you to the basic concept)

But that statement ” designing systems” is a mouthful. It is not easy to grasp. So, we use the waterfall as an example of a natural source of energy. Now we explain it again, that engineers design machines to allow the waterfall to move or operate machines to do useful work such as turning a wheel and loading a bucket of water for watering the plants.

So if you design contraptions that can effectively use natural power to do work, you are doing engineering design.

But one student argued that a simple farmer may be able to cut some wood and put it under a waterfall to divert water to his plants!.

I say, that’s right! But that is just an idea of what an engineer needs to do. Thinking, analyzing, calculation weight of water, bucket and other forces that would go against the force of falling water and many more needs to be considered for a large machine contraction to move wheels and irrigate land effectively. That’s where the engineer needs to do his real design.

For the project to materialize, other peoples need to work with the engineer. For instance, Profox Electrical Engineering Services provide connection of electric power to residential homes and businesses. This outfit, do electrical design of residential, commercial and industrial premises from service entrance down to the main panel and branch circuit.

You can find out more about the electrical engineering services provided here.

But electrical is only one of the aspect of a project. In construction of houses, there are other engineering professionals needed. To find out more click here.

So now, my dear students, do you want to be engineers?

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